V Toe Spa socks help!

I am new at knitting and still having trouble reading patterns. I can follow tutorials easily though. I’m trying to make a pair of V Toe flip flop socks for my daughte. I’ve also seen then called pedicure or spa socks. But these ones actually have a spot for your big toe and a separate spot for the other 4 toes. So that when you put on flip flops the rubber piece that goes between your toe doesn’t rub your skin cause there is material there. Please anyone please help with explanation on how to do this V. Or better yet a video tutorial on how to do it. Thank you so much.
Hopefully this link of the picture i found on pintrest works: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/02/4f/96/024f962f46df618713b6968f7f82052c.jpg

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Cute socks! can you provide a pattern link please? We can’t help without more info.

Thanks for responding. Here is a link i fouhd for the pattern. I just dont understand how to read it. I’m hoping for a video tutorial! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pedicure-socks-147

I doubt you’ll find a video tutorial for that specific pattern, but you can check YouTube.

Which part are you having trouble with? The toe separation? All you do is make the sock up to the end so it basically is a sock without the toe section. Then you just use a needle and yarn to stitch the bottom edge to the top to create an opening for the big toe.