V Neck Mens Cable Sweater help

Hello, I’m knitting a sweater for someone without an actual knitting pattern but with a pattern thats for fabric instead, i’m not experienced with making jumpers so i was wondering:

  1. do you normally decrease and increase again for the waist?
  2. how do you work a v-neck not in the round?



Men don’t have the same waists women have, they’re straight up and down, so you don’t do shaping for them.

If you’re knitting bottom up, you work the front to a little above the underarms, then where you want to divide knit across to the halfway point. Then dec at the neck edge every other or every 4th row, usually on the RS. You can work the shoulders separately or one side at a time.

Okay great thank you.

How would I do ribbing on the v-neck?


Pick up stitches around after you’re done and knit them the other direction. This way -/, not at the edge of the V neck of the body itself.

hmmmm not sure if i get it but thanks I’ll have a go! :slight_smile:

When you pick up sts along the V neck, the ribbing will be the other direction to the body stitches. This is normal for a neckband.

Here’s a nice tutorialon decreasing for the V neck. There is a nice video for picking up sts on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Tips.

Hi, I just wanted to clarify does the symbol you put definitely mean knit 2 together? And I don’t understand what you mean by ‘not at the edge of the v neck of the body itself’?
Thanks :slight_smile:

just seen the video thanks!!

What would be best way to get to the middle of the row for halving the work? Do i slip half off onto a stitch holder? :slight_smile:

The best way is just to work across to the halfway point, turn and work back. So if you’re alternating knit and purl rows, you would knit across to halfway, turn and purl back. This way you have the working yarn in a position to use it as you work the shoulder. You can put the sts for the right shoulder on to a holder if you like just to keep them out of the way while you finish the left shoulder. When you finish one shoulder you’ll cut the yarn leaving a 6" tail to weave in and attach a new strand of yarn to work the other shoulder.

Thanks very much :slight_smile: do you then do the same on the other half when you go to work it, as in work halfway and then work back? otherwise don’t you have one side with more rows? thanks :slight_smile:

Finish the first shoulder and then join the new yarn back at the halfway point and continue to knit across to the armhole. It’ll be continuing the row that you interrupted when you divided for the V. You can do the shaping for both sides of the V on the right side (knit) rows. Even if you’re off by one row, it will never show in the finished sweater.

Okay thanks very much :slight_smile:

I’ve got a different problem now, I’ve been cabling from the bottom and the two panels of cable are supposed to continue up to the shoulder either side of the v neck, but I’ve found that there are not enough stitches between the cable and the side seams on each side to decrease for the sleeve shaping without cutting off my cable, is there anything i can do to move the cable across? The cables i’m doing are diamond braids and horseshoes.

What if you make a drop sleeve instead of the set in sleeve? Then you wouldn’t have the sleeve decreases to cut into the cable.
Fairly narrow cables can travel across the knitting by moving them over about a stitch per right side row but it sounds like you have wider cables that might be difficult to do this with.

it has to be a raglan :frowning: i’m working for someone else you see and they’ve designed it with a raglan and I’m out of my depth really! And yes I’ve tried moving them over but it distorted the shape of the cables :confused: hmmm!

That’s normal for a cable to drop off when you decrease, so just work the sts in stockinette without making the cables. If you move them over, it’s not going to look really nice. Take a look at other V neck cable sweaters and you’ll see how they were done - the cables just taper off into regular sts.

If it’s a raglan, then I think the cables are just going to have to gradually disappear into the shoulder shaping. Depending on where this occurs (hopefully not too low on the armhole decreases) it’ll be fine.

thanks very much for the help with the cabling. I’ve now done one side of the V but i’ve realised while doing the other side that unfortunately instead of the raglan shaping being a sort of much flatter s shape its just a sort of normal raglan decrease shape, if i make the two sides the same, will this mean that the sleeves won’t fit into the shoulder properly? do i need to undo the first side? :frowning: hope that makes sense.

Well, I’m not quite sure that I understand but usually the two edges of the front (and the back) are mirror images and match the line of the sleeve edge. The sleeves will be seamed to the front and back edges in the end.