V-neck baby sweater

I hope someone help me. I’m knitting a v-neck baby sweater, the Sirder snuggly Baby Bamboo pattern. I knit the left side and now I’m on the right side of the v-neck. I do not understand these directions:


For all 6 sizes:
With rs facing, working on rem 27 sts, slip first st onto a safety pin, rejoin yarn to rem 26 sts and patt to end

Those 27 stitches are now on a stitch holder. Why would I move one st to a safety pin and how do I rejoin yarn to the rem 26 stitches? Why aren’t I joining the yarn to the first st and kniting 27 sts in pattern?
Please help!

If you have already worked one side of the front of the v-neck you probably took your yarn with you up there so now there is no yarn connected to any part of where you need to work next. That is my guess.

Take the 27 stitches on your holder and place them on a knitting needle so that the working end of the needle is pointing toward the middle of the sweater. Put the first stitch on a safety pin or a bit of yarn or whatever you’d like to use as a stitch holder. The reason you do this has something to do with the very point of the v-neck of the sweater. It will tell you to do something with that stitch when you do the v-neck band.

Now take a ball of yarn and just start knitting with it, that is how you join it to the 26 remaining sts. I’ll bet you had 26 on the other side of neck when you began that side. Work the pattern the same way you did on the other side only with opposite shaping until you get to the shoulder. (I’m assuming that part since I have not been able to read the pattern, but do whatever it tells you to do next after you knit across the 26 stitches for the first time.)