Uuuuh oh...yarn question

i bought some yarn today…(and yesterday AND the day before…sheeeesh)…and i meant to ask before i paid for this stuff and i forgot. The tag says “permanently mothproofed”…does anybody know if that means it won’t felt? the colors are perdy and i wanna make a hat out of it but if it won’t felt then i will have a problem…

and speaking of problems, seriously…my yarn obsession is ridiculous! I went yarn shopping with my mother (before going counted cross stitch shopping for her!) and got a ridiculous amount of yarn. Came home and went on knitpicks and finally ordered yarn to make the clogs and a couple of bags i have been wanting to make (and that doesn’t include the yarn i need to make that satchel from Interweave …that yarn is still in my wishlist!!)…and then i got home yesterday and my LYS had a card in my mail box for a 25% off sale…ANNNNNNNND i had to call the yarn store that i shopped at on Saturday and pick up two more skeins to match what i bought there…sheeesh…i think my teddy bear obsession is cheaper!

But what can you actually DO with a teddy bear? Hmm?

I would check out the washing directions of the yarn to take a first step if it’s feltable. I have no clue how they permanently moth-proof yarn.

Since you have a yarn problem and a teddy bear problem, maybe you could just knit clothes for your teddy bears?

awww my teddy bears are CUTE! and nekkid…God didn’t put clothes on bears and i ain’t gonna either! (don’t even get me started on the fact that he didn’t put clothes on me either…i put clothes on me as a public service!)

well the washing instructions looook like it would be feltable…no heat, no woolite, no washing machine…etc…but i am curious about that mothproofing. oh well…i am gonna go for it. if it doesn’t i will make a hat for a giant man i guess.

mohair is very sheddy btw…

Why don’t you knit a small swatch and see if you can get the swatch to felt…then you won’t have time invested into a big project and realize your efforts have been wasted!

didn’t i mention that i am a lazy knitter? sheesh. lol. i think that i can probably just do a join to see what it will do though. or i could call brown sheep company and see what the heck that means!..lol

Well, I know Lamb’s Pride is mothproofed, and it is feltable.

The only thing I know about mothproofed yarn, is that it’s treated with pesticides somehow. But I don’t know if it has any lasting effects that would make it an irritant to the wearer. However, I wouldn’t use it for baby items.

sigh i can’t believe i didn’t consider that it was treated with pesticides. seems logical and now i am sad that i bought it…wellllllllll i guess since i have it i will put it to good use :rollseyes:

the plan is for it to be a hat…we’ll see if that is what it really wants to be…lol

Pesticides? Gosh, where is a HURL emoticon when you need one???

Wool carpeting these days are all treated with ‘permanent’ mothproofing. I doubt the yarn is dripping in DDT!

like the new pic, folde

I wouldn’t go so far as to be disappointed that it’s mothproofed. I’ve heard good things about Lamb’s Pride yarn. It can’t be that bad! :slight_smile:

Why thank you, kemp! I figured I’d let yall see my ugly mug for a little while :O). I am verrrry proud of this cap, it turned out so well!