Using Two Different Size Needles

[color=red][b]I am again starting the shawl for the expectant daughter … after tearing out the Patons Astra five times and DH noticing I was getting nowhere on it after working at it for two weeks, I bought some thicker yarn, this time a Patons decor wool/acrylic blend … and while at Michael’s to return the Astra and some other yarn I knew I’d not use, I got some variegated dark colors to make my girlfriend one, and some heather to make one for my mom who is in a seniors home in Newfoundland …

The Decor calls for 4.5 needles however I struggle with anything below a 5.5 … I read somewhere, I thought it was on this forum, how you can cast on with a larger size needle, and somewhere it said some knit using two different size needles … I am a very tight knitter so I cast on with 8 mm circulars and am knitting on my 5.5’s because they are metal turbos and wonderful … I’m not paying much attention to gauge as the project says it will be 19 x 70 but I don’t care if its slightly smaller or larger … is it ok to knit with both 5.5 and 6 mm’s?


If you CO too tight then by all means use a larger needle. Since gauge isn’t an issue then there isn’t a problem using two different size needles. There are no rules so play around and go with what works for you! :hug: