Using stitch holder

im currently making my first sweater, the body of the sweater is knitted in the round on circular needles, im at the part where i separate the back from the front by using a stitch holder. here is my question: from which needle (left or right) do i put on the stitch holder? and which way do i put them on, from the pointed end of the needle or from the center of the circular part? and then do i leave my knitting on the circular needles and knit as if flat knitting or do i need to put these stitches on a straight needle and start knitting? Please help! I’m so confused. thanks


You can put either the ‘front’ or ‘back’ sts on a holder and work on the other set, so that can be the sts you just worked or the next ones coming up. It’s probably easier to start from the tip, and you don’t have to switch to straight needles, you can knit back and forth on the circs.

I take my stitches off the needle in my right hand as they are the “finished” stitches. I take them off one at a time from the end and secure the stitch holder once they are all on. That way I know the right side has the stitch holder latches facing right as I look at the piece of work. If you’re not using a official stitch holder, there is always something you can do, if your work does not have an obvious RS or WS, to make it obvious which is which. Mine is usually a sticky note secure with a pin.

I agree. It would be whichever side the front is. So look at your sweater. If they are both the same, then it doesn’t matter. A lot of times, it will tell you in the pattern where to do it. But how you get them onto the needle is your own preference. I usually put them on a DPN the same size as the circular and put two stoppers on it…that way, whatever side you start knitting them, you have a point!