Using Speed Stix

I just got a pair of size 50 needles and I can’t figure out how to use them. When I cast on and do my first row, I end up with a lot more yarn as I seem to not be knitting tight enough. I would love to see a video if anyone has one using these needles.

It’s the same as any other knitting, I’m sure, but so big and weird as to be difficult I’m sure. Unless you used really big yarn it would be so holey that it would seem like something totally different.

I’ve never seen a video, but you could try Youtube.

The pattern I’m making is a shawl with an thick eyelash type yarn so it is supposed to be very lacy. I looked all over for a video and can’t find one–I think once I get the first two rows done I will be fine, but I can’t figure out how to get to row two! I am a novice knitter–my experience is only scarves and wraps so I wanted to try the bigger needles to work on a bigger project. Thanks

They’re meant to be used with 3 or 4 strands of worsted weight, or 2 strands of bulky. Also which CO did you use? The backward loop leaves extra loops of yarn normally, that would leave even more on such large needles.

I did use the backwards loop–I’m just now reading about that. Do you have a recommendation? The pattern calls for Trendsetters Yosemite or a thick and thin wool blend. I was experimenting with various things in my yarn bag and couldn’t make anything work including ticker tape.

Use either longtail, knit or cable cast ons.

I always do knit cast-on, and with bigger needles, it seems really loopy and like I am knitting too loose, but that is the way it is supposed to be with bigger needles.

I find that if you stick with it and do a few rows, it starts to get a little bit tighter and look better. Maybe you should do a few more rows and not get discouraged yet. You def. need a thicker yarn, or more than one strand.

My cast-on row is always a little loose, and looks better after I do a few rows.