Using ripped yarn

So I’ve ripped what I had done on my project for the second time and before I start again I was wondering about using the yarn. It’s kinky and I know you can wash it to straighten it back out, but that will shrink that section of the yarn, so I would think that would mess it up as far as the whole project goes.

Does it matter to use kinky yarn?

Nope, I do it all the time. Even wool yarn that’s been sitting around knitted up for several months.


I have ripped out an angora blend several times and I found that it got quite fuzzy. I tried to trim it up with scissors but it still looked used. Is there a treatment that I could use to better clean it up?

It sounds as though angora has begun to unply itself from the rest of the yarn. Short of re-spinning it, I don’t think you can make it look new again. You might try knitting a swatch and felting it to see if you can re-use it that way. As Sue says, wool that has been knitted and frogged can look fine when it’s re-knitted. But fuzzy, fluffy, loosely-spun and novelty yarns tend to lose their integrity and look ratty after a trip to the frog pond.

right! This is exactly what I have found. I’m having alot of trouble with this yarn.