Using more than one color

I am knitting in the round using two colors. Now the pattern calls for the introduction of another color, then using the first color back and forth. What is the correct way to introduce the extra color?

Thank YOu

I usually twist the yarn around color 1 and start knitting! It may depend, though, on what type of color work you are doing. Intartia? Fair Aisle? Stripes? I’ve only done stripes and Fair Isle, so that’s all I know.

Edited to add: I also carry the yarns along the WS for a few stitches to lock them in.

I am making a felted bag from the bottom up using circular needles. Now it calls for adding new color I have been using two strands one plum and one fuscia. Now I am to add green, The way the pattern goes is knit 4knit one green then knit four. So I am confused how to work the alternating colors. Any suggestions

I agree, I think twisting it a few times and just knitting, especially carrying it along the WS to lock it in, is probably the best idea. That sort of weaves in the loose ends. It’s even less stressful about ends coming loose because you’re felting it. Once the project is felted, all the loose ends will be permanently in place :wink:

It sounds like intarsia check out tutorials online and a video here on KH.