Using double-pointed needles

I’m working on a sock pattern that has gotten to a point that requires me to move stitches away from “needle 3” but I have no idea how to tell which needle is one, two, or three. Until now, I’ve just done round patterns or socks where needle two held the heel. I can tell needle two because it’s not the one with the yarn tail or the starting marker. Help!!

Often in sock patterns I use, they designate which needles will be called 1, 2, 3, or 4 if there’s a 4. Double check all through the pattern to see if they did it earlier and you forgot or missed that part. Usually, it is just going in order from where each round begins (the first needle that you have in a new round is Needle 1) So if you’re trying to figure out which needle is needle 3 and you already know needle 2, needle 3 would be the next one if you were knitting around. Does that make sense?

Thanks, that does make a lot of sense. (In this case, needle three has the yarn tail on it.)

I recently ran across the same problem with a sock pattern, I referenced Silver again because it was the same # of needles used.
Love Silver!:muah:

I tried to do socks on DPNS, and I pulled out my sock, and two of my needles broke. So, that is one way to tell :oo:. No, now I just do either Magic Loop or two circs. I am challenged. :eyes: