Using different size yarn

Hi. I’ve got a pattern called the Shetland Trader hat. It calls for a DK weight yarn, I accidently bought a worsted weight. I haven’t ever changed much from what the pattern calls for except changing color. Will this change the size of the hat drastically? Will it make it larger or smaller? I read somewhere that I can use a different size needle but don’t know which way to go, up or down in size. The pattern calls for a size 5 circular. Anyone have any suggestions? I can’t find the color in a DK weight. Thank you so much.

Yes, it will make the hat larger especially if you use a larger needle size which you normally would for heavier yarn. Using a smaller needle size may make the fabric too dense though. Depending on the pattern you may be able to alter it. Do you have a link for the pattern?

I don’t have a link Jan but I’m sending you a pic now. Thank you for responding.

Ok…where are you sending it?

I touched your name and one of the options said send an email (right under send a private message) but when I clicked on that it says you don’t have it set up

Huh. I’ll have to look into that. You can try sending it by PM. If that doesn’t work I’ll pm you my email.

Could the picture be posted here?

Yes, if it’s a picture and not the pattern.

Ok so it was a picture of the pattern so I didn’t post it. I just went back to the yarn store and bought the DK weight. Thank you. I still learned that the item will be larger if I go up in yarn size. So thank you.

Oh good! :yay: