Using a graph

If I am using a graph to knit something, a throw with a picture in the middle, do I use the intarsia method? If so, I know there is a video for that. But, if there is another way to do this, is there a video for it? What is the best method.
And…should I knit the middle picture first and knit around it or just do it all at once?

Thanks!!! :muah:

so are you saying it’s a graph in the middle of an item that changes colors back and forth or just in the same color but follows a graph that is a pattern like lace or cables etc?

It’s the philadelphia eagles picture…the word EAGLES and the pic of the eagles head.

If it changes colors you may need to watch the intarsia video. Since it’s a throw though…if you don’t mind putting the pieces together later, I would probably knit that as a separate square. Just easier to keep track of the chart back and forth. You could also then knit a plain square to match the rest of the squares and use it cover the back if the intarsia that will have a bunch of funky ends…that way it’s two sided. Or just knit two of the eagle squares so you can put them back to back for the same purpose.

ok sounds good…how do I knit pieces together though? for example…if i knit the eagles square…how do i knit to the sides, top and bottom? is there help for that somewhere?

yes…you would just knit a bunch of squares the same size and then weave them together using a finishing technique like mattress stitch…Amy has a video on that if you want to check it out.

Thank you soooooo much!!! :hug: