Using #4 yarn instead of #3 yarn

What happens if a sweater pattern calls for DK light worsted weight yarn #3 and I want to use Worsted weight #4 instead. What difference will this make in the final results.

Having trouble finding something that will work with the Encore yarn. Just about to frog (hope I’m using frog right) the lace pattern that I started…don’t like the look of the lace with the Encore yarn. Wish I knew more about yarns…it’s a learning process. Groan!!

Thanks in advance!

Happy knitting :knitting:

If you use the same size needles it would proably be a lot stiffer. You can use bigger needles and make a smaller size of the pattern though - just check that the sts work out to the right measurement for your gauge.

There are tons of patterns for worsted weight sweaters, where are you looking that you’re not finding any?

Um…are you on Ravelry? You can search by yarn (among other ways) and there are 16,000+ projects made with Encore worsted. If you narrow that down to knitting and cardigans you get 21 pages of projects.

You can also click on pattern ideas and narrow that down to cardigans and it gives you a bunch of cardigans made in Encore.

This is an excellent way to find a pattern and see how it looks in that yarn.

Suzeeq…good to know that I could convert the pattern to a different yarn #. I have a couple of large books with several patterns in them and also an on line subscription to Creative Knitting + some other magazines. I really do have things to choose from. :wall:

No… Jan I am not on Ravelry but think I need to be… It would be nice to see how a yarn looks knitted. Joining right after this!

So far I seem to be able to do the sts without to much problem but the yarn has a huge influence on how the sweater will look. I need and want to learn more about different yarns.

Thanks for your answers…they really help!!!

Happy knitting :knitting:

Just joined… Ravelry…:woot:

Will be lookin around there…lots!