user manuals for knitting

i need some books that teach me all the basics plus more like how to increase and decrease in detail for different types of projects, I know how to M1 but where do I use it and how to use M1k and M1p ect.

I have no help from anyone but youtube and here so I need everything!

let me know your recommendations as I am living in a country where I don’t speak the language so all the books are not in English so I can’t go to a bookstore and flip through and see unfortunately.

Welcome to Knitting Help! May I ask where you are living? I live in California, USA.

Where to use increases and decreases is usually pattern dependent. The patterns often tell you which increase/decrease to use and where. They are usually used for shaping.

We have videos here in KH (top of the page) and I have links to other good ones if you’d like them. As for actual books…there are a lot of books that look good. I learned mostly here talking to knowledgeable people and videos, but here’s a few links to give you some ideas. Many of these have the “look inside” feature that will make your choices easier. I haven’t used them so take a look.

Those look like good recommendations.
Techknitter has some very clear drawings for many basic steps. Here’s one column on different slanting increases for example.

The public library is also a good resource. You can sample many books that way too and then decide if there is one you absolutely need to have. Even pattern books may have good basic sections on techniques.

I taught myself the basics from a Stitch 'N Bitch book, but I don’t remember how much detail she got into about things like when to use what kind of decrease. But it was good for the basics, especially her drawings explaining how stitches are supposed to sit on the needle.

Principles of Knitting by Hiatt is a nice meaty reference book that covers almost everything you could ever need to know. That’s the only general reference book I have, but I also have access to a library where I can get any others I might want. The others I have are design-oriented, like Knitwear Design Workshop, which could be helpful for helping you understand why to do some things, but aren’t really meant for general reference.

Knitting in Plain English by Righetti is another good option. A lot of people like Vogue Knitting’s Ultimate Knitting Book. There is a book out there called Increase, Decrease, which is pretty cool but probably way more than you really need unless you’re going to start designing patterns.

Techknitter’s blog is a great online reference, although I know she does get into way more detail than some people want. She just has a very nice index to make it easy to find what you’re needing.

I subscribed to to Art of Knitting magazine, it has pretty much everything you need and taught me loads! I essentially restarted knitting after 20 years and the mag has been awesome!