Use of variegated or self striping yarn for sweater

I made this baby sweater with this yarn (see pics). Is there a way to use this type of yarn and make it match?

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That is one adorable sweater.
With some self patterning yarns you can pull out yarn from the skein until you come to a certain repeat. It looks like it would be difficult to do that with this yarn.
You could knit the fronts and back in one piece up to the armholes then add in the sleeves and work the yoke in one piece. The lower portion of the sleeves would differ but the majority of the sweater would match.
Regardless, the knitting and the resulting sweater are lovely.

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Thank you! I’ve never used this type of yarn before. I guess I can try doing the pattern differently-that’s another thing I’ve never done! Love learning new things in my knitting adventure.

I love the cardigan you’ve made, its absolutely beautiful and I love that the overall stripes match up neatly whilst also giving a lovely asymmetrical design.
Love it!

I have only used self triping yarn once and had a terrible time as it turned out all but one ball were incorrectly dyed with dark blotchy colours all over.
What I can say though is that my pattern worked the front and sleeves in one, then the back and sleeves in one, thensew up seams. This meant that none of the colours would have matched at the side seam (front and back would be identical side by side but of course that means they are opposite when placed wrong sides together to seam up).
However, I’ve since realised that one possibility would be to work the ball backwards, starting at the centre of the ball would bring out the stripes in reverse order. Make sense?
It would still require pulling out the yarn to find the right place to start so that the front and back began in the same place despite being reversed. And this approach wouldn’t work for a cardigan that is worked in one piece.

Due to the problems I had with the yarn I had to knit up the front with dozens of short pieces trying to avoid too much blotchy dirt in the yarn and whilst doing so I also decided to rejoin in yarn at a different colour part at the seam edge to help it match up with the front at the side seams.
This photo isn’t great but on the left of the picture you can see the side seam and although the colour jigs a bit it also matches pretty well and works with the way this yarn striped.

One other thing I did was rejoin yarn for the sleeve cuffs and neck collar. Like I said I really love the asymmetry in the sweater you made, but if you wanted a bit more symmetry working just the cuffs in the same colour of yarn can help do that.

After my experience I decided I’d never buy self patterning yarn again, but your piece has shown me that it can be really lovely, I was just unlucky.


Thank you everyone for your ideas & insight! This what I made after that sweater. I do like it.


It’s lovely :green_heart:
Well done. You must be really pleased with it.