Use aran in place of DK

I have been gifted some beautiful aran wool but want to knit a DK pattern with it, how do I convert it please ? I am a novice :grin:

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What is the name of the pattern you want to knit and what is the name of the aran yarn?

It can be a bit of a stretch going from DK to the heavier aran. To be sure you should probably knit a swatch at least 4 1/2โ€™ x 4 1/2" and measure stitch gauge over the middle 4". Thatโ€™ll give you an idea of the knit fabric as well as sts/inch.
Blankets and scarves are relatively easy to convert. Sweaters not so simple.

If you tell us which DK pattern you want to make, we might be able to find you a similar design that is written for aran weight.