Use a yarn winder without a swift?

[COLOR=blue]I am looking at Yarn Winders and Swifts online… is it possible to use the winder without the swift? :think: I can’t really afford both right now. Thanks so much! :hug: [/COLOR]
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Here’s a tip I read on knitter’s review:
[COLOR=#191970]“Take the finial off a lamp whose shade increases its diameter toward the bottom. Drape your skein over the shade and wind away. The lampshade will revolve dispensing the yarn on demand. I have used this technique for handwound balls and like it just great!”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]:cheering: What a great idea! ok so now I am down to the winder - [/COLOR]
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I have a ball winder and not a swift. I just use an upside down laundry basket on the floor to hold the hank open and the ball winder is above it on my desk. Works perfectly.

I don’t have a swift to use with my ball winder, but when I need one, I haul out the kid’s tinkertoys and MAKE one! Here are instructions.

Thanks for posting this question, Stonington! I, too, cannot afford both and was wondering the same thing.

My DH is my swift! :wink:

Love this! :teehee: LOLOL!!! What a super smart MOM!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

This is very cool. You can ind tinker toys at yard sales all the time. You could glue the parts that dont need to move or adjust.:yay:

After seeing that I went on a hunt for a winder made from toys here is what I found.

I have a winder, no swift. I do the lampshade method. If you opt to go that route, just make sure your yarn unwinds counterclockwise. Otherwise the clockwise motion may cause the finial to tighten and the shade will jerk to a halt. If ccw, it’ll spin continuously and can really pick up speed. I set my endtable lamp on the floor adjacent to the winder and can do a good-size skein in a few mins.


[COLOR=blue]Thank you all so much! :hug: I have decided to just go with the ball winder… KnitPicks has a Royal winder for $39.99. Opinions? on which to buy? and possibly where? Sorry… always wanting more information aren’t I? :flirt: [/COLOR]
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Whenever you get a Joanns 40% off coupon, check their site. I got my ball winder that way and only paid $25 for it.

I also purch mine from JoAnn’s with coupon (the less expensive model). Works great for my purposes. (I recycle thrift store sweaters.)


We also got ours from Joann’s with the 40% off coupon. My kids and I are the swift, too!