USA 2010 Team uniforms

They have been unveiled here. Ralph Lauren again.
Actually, I like this one and think it wouldn’t be that hard to knit one that is very similar, less the polo thing, of course.

In addition to this beret, there is also a knitted cap with moose (plural) on it too.

I think I’m going to try to knit up a similar jacket to this one. I like it. Plus I can embroider some sort of similar symbol too. (I am a professional digitizer for embroidery) Can’t use the polo logo, but I can come close enough.

Hmmm… those uniforms look very… colonial? I mean, I know we’re America and all that, but… curls lip :think: :?? Maybe it’s the white pants.

The hat kicks butt though!!! I might try that myself also!!!:slight_smile:

Which sport are these the uniform for?? The winter olympics? They are VERY Ralph. The woman looks cool but the men are trying hard to look butch and failing. I like the hat the best.

Irishmam owes me a monitor clean up… Good gravy that was funny.

I like the style of the sweater, especially the shawl collar.
The only thing I see that is remotely Colonial is the bottom two buttons are unbuttoned and it forms the shape that was deliberately sewn into the colonial uniforms.

Vive la différence. It is good to know whom you disagree with as well as whom you agree with…:slight_smile:

It is for the USA, closing ceremony uniform. The goofy stretch pant one is for the opening ceremony. I don’t like that. And the puffy jacket looks like Walmart to me. This is the only one I like. I like the hat too, but not as much as the sweater.

Oh, I really like that. I love that collar.

It’s funny-- I think it looks colonial as well, but not in the sense of 1776. I mean in a British in India way, a dated, imperialist kind of thing. Probably their poses, as well. I don’t care for it at all, but for anyone itching to do one who is okay with adjusting patterns-- a bulky cardigan with a rolled collar like that, and then just use the appropriate colors and you should be good to go!

I seriously would love to do that cardigan. I like it, but don’t agree with the colonial thing the others are seeing. I’m pretty sure I’m just not getting it, but I like the sweater for the closing ceremony. It may be the newsboy cap that keeps me from seeing it as anything other than smart fashion for sports.

Well, we’ve got the hat pattern sorted, I think. Now to get a pattern for the cardigan. I’m dying to get my hands on one, I love it.

Angela - I am sorry - virtual baby wipes (do you call them that in the US? the things you use to wipe the bums/hands/face etc of a baby) on the way.


:eyebrow2: Irishmam, that must be written in reverse order, I would hope. :roflhard: [/COLOR]

Not at all - of course I ALWAYs clean up my kids in that order! Actually it did occur to me at the time of typing but as my 2 year old was sitting on my lap at the time (so I was typing with 1 finger) I risked posting it!

I’m not sure if I like these. They’re a little femanine on the guys and a little masculine on the woman.

Did anyone else notice the men’s jackets have larger polo emblems while the woman’s jacket has a smaller one. Just what does that express? :think:

Someone on Ravelry has worked up a pattern for the hat.
Not exactly as the “real” one, but pretty darned close.

If my SIL ever returns my Mon Tricot book to me, I have that collar in there. I think I can figure out the rest of the cardi.
I really want to make that. What yarn would you use, Angela?


Thanks for posting the link for the hat! There is alot of interest in it.