US 50 Needles

Does anybody know of a good source (BESIDES lion brand) for patterns for size US 50 needles?

I bought a pair on a whim and now I’m looking for something to make :slight_smile:

This is the only one I could find.

What kind of pattern are you looking for? (i.e. scarf, afghan, etc.)

:zombie: Lion Brand is the only place I know of that has patterns for size 50. I looked on Ravelry and couldn’t find any using that needle size as a search parameter.
Bag Smith makes some honkin’ big needles and crochet hooks - you might look at some of their patterns/kits for ideas. I saw their demo at Stitches East last fall.

After more searching I only found a few things that weren’t on Lion Brand.

Lion Brand has a lot though so maybe you should take a second look there. Or make up your own… :shrug: