Urban Wrap

Here is one of my latest. I call it the Urban Wrap. It is knit in a garter stitch, in my favorite colors. I have chain stitched the fringe, which gives it a cool knobby look.
I have a slide show showing all the ways it can be worn on flicker.

I love this type of knitting…no pattern, just pick up your yarn and start creating!!

Very cool wrap, and a very cool slide show, too! The colors are really nice. I’m now going to have to look up “chain stitch” though…

the chain stitch is a crochet stitch. it’s easy…I just took a crochet hook and chained the fringes. I have gotten hooked on finishing scarves this way instead of attaching long yarn tassels on the ends. I think it gives it a funky look.

That wrap is beautiful! I can’t wait until I’m skilled enough to do work like that. Very well done Buckster!

Very cool. What kind of yarn? Was it knit long ways? Did I say it was cool? :slight_smile:

very nice…I like that kind of knitting too! Colors are gorgeous!

It was knit longways on size six circular needles. I cast on 200 stitches. And I used several different yarns from my stash.

Very very nice and such fabulous colours x

It looks amazing . The blend of colours and the great way you did the slide show. :slight_smile:

Looks great!

No kidding! I know how to crochet a chain! (It’s the only thing I know how to crochet!) I’m going to have to go back and take a look again. I really like the “added touch” of your fringe.

It so pretty. i love the autumny color scheme

GORGEOUS!!! I love this type of knitting/creating too! The colors go perfect together and I have just got to try the chain fringe … VERY cool!!!

Very cool – I love it!

:inlove: very pretty!!

Very nice! Enjoyed the slide show. :slight_smile:

Fabulous job!! It’s simply gorgeous.

Nice! It looks like you had a lot of fun designing that and daydreaming of all the ways it could be worn. Nice presentation.

That is GORGEOUS! I love the colours, and it’s so versatile. You could sell those for a LOT of money.

Great wrap!