Updated: tentative success shortening options cord

So here I am happily knitting away, really digging my new size 17 options circulars, until I hear a klunk, notice the right needle is missing, and after a bit of scrambling, spot it on the floor next to me. At first I thought I hadn’t tightened the join quite enough (though I did use the key), but then I quickly realized that it was not the needle that had separated from the cord, but rather the cord which had separated from itself – the plastic tubing had slipped out of the metal connector thingy. Huh. Good thing they give you two cords per package. (Maybe that’s why?) Anyway, I luckily did not have to resort to using the second cord because I was able to secure everything together again with a little super glue. Took about a second. Really, the stuff dries fast.

But it got me to thinking. :figureditout:

What if I intentionally pulled out the cord again (with my luck, the glue will be too strong, but maybe with some pliers?) and trim it down a little before gluing it back in? Could I get a 16" circular that way? There seems to be more than enough cord that I could trim it down at least a few inches, maybe not 8, but 4 or even 6 inches perhaps? Shall I try it? Am I crazy? I do have that extra one, and it’s not like they’re that expensive. What is the minimum length do you think I can make it? I think the needles are about 4.5 inches each. Maybe the cord needs to be at least 9 inches then, plus a little extra? I want to get some input before I try this, just in case I’m overlooking something. TIA!

I can’t in good conscience tell you whether it’s a good idea just because I so want someone to try it!

I use almost exclusively 16" cords and I can’t wait until they come out with that size.

but wait, I think Knitpicks doesn’t already have them because the needles are too long for the 16" to work comfortably. Maybe check that out before surgery?

I don’t know what the standard is as far as how much slack there should be in the cord as it relates to needle length. I have one 11" balene 2 circular that I like okay (and which of course I can’t find now), and I don’t think the “cord” (it’s actually all plastic from tip to tip), is more than the sum of the needle lengths. If only I knew where I put it…

(a few moments pass here while I search again)

Okay. Here’s a little progress… I just measured my Denises and I’m getting a little under 4" for the needles, so if KP needles are 4.5 inches, and Denise’s shortest cable is 9", doesn’t it follow that I could cut the options down to about 10" and still be okay, especially since the cables are more flexible? That would make a total length of about 19". Not 16" but not bad.

You know… if anyone out there has any of the 16" non-interchangeable “classic” KP circulars, would you mind very much measuring the needle length? If they are the same as the interchangeables, I know I’d be able to get down to 16" for sure. If I don’t hear from anyone by tomorrow, I’ll just shoot them an email since I can’t find that info on their website. Thought I’d ask, though. I’m sort of having fun with this little project!

okay so you recognize that they aren’t expensive AND you have a spare AND they can be replaced.

So what’s the hold up? Get to cuttin! :teehee:

The tip length on the classic circs is a little under 3.5".

Definitely e-mail or call them – the Options needles are a new product and they’re still working out the kinks. They will replace the broken cable right away – at least I’ve heard several people say they had defective parts and they were replaced immediately.

Then you can experiment with the one you super-glued! :thumbsup:

I’m done tinkering! It took a good yank, but I was able to undo my previous super-glue repair without the aid of pliers. I snipped the cord down little by little until I was pretty sure I couldn’t get it comfortably shorter without it straining too much while in use – I did this by trying to match the “give” of the 17" Denise needles (I used the maximum angle I could get when needle tips were touching as an analog). I don’t think I’m spot on, but close enough. I ended up with a total needle tip to needle tip length of about 19" when all was said and done. Not ideal, but better than 24".

I don’t know how well the super glue will hold (especially since I was able to yank it apart again, after I “fixed it” the first time), but I’m hoping to do more rigorous testing tonight and tomorrow. So far it seems like it may actually work out! :happydance:

Disclaimer: I’m not advocating that everyone go out and mutilate their options cords, but if length is an issue for you, and you don’t mind “sacrificing” a cord in the name of science, it might be worth a try. (Maybe you want to wait until I’ve tested it a bit more, though!)

Can you tell I’m giddy? :woohoo:

I’ve already thought about my next experiment: spraying a Denise cord with Teflon to see if it will make it slicker! (Hey – why can’t I find the emoticon for the mad scientist crazy laugh?)

:roflhard: thats great - well done for experimenting and enabling others to have the confidence to try it too =D

How cool! Now, could you make a hat with 19"? I would think so, what do you think? Depending on the hat, I guess.

Well, I didn’t get to do much knitting last night, but maybe today… I would think I could do an adult sized hat, but I’m not sure yet. I guess it depends on how well the work moves along the cord because it will pretty much be spread out over the whole length without a lot of looseness. Right now on my Denises, I find that I often have to stop every once in a while to physically move the work along, but I think the slipperiness of the Options may make this less necessary (crossing my fingers).

sigh I’d better get back to work so I’ll have time to do some actual knitting later. It’s so hard to stay away from this place, especially since I work at home and don’t have an overlord monitoring me. But it’s not going to go away if I ignore it, so the sooner I finish, the sooner I can get knitting. :x:

This same thing happened to me last night (the cable coming loose). I called today, and she told me she’d send me a new 2pack of cables. She was extremely nice, and helpful. She said she hoped I didn’t lose any of my knitting. Luckily, I was just casting on, so it was no big deal, but I though it was very thoughtful of her to ask.

Anyway, I might try cutting mine up, like you did for yours. Is it 19 inches including the needles? And the super glue held?

This was an awsome idea.

Yes, 19" total, including the needles. Right now, there is about 8.5" of purple visible, but note that this number doesn’t include the “overlap” where the ends of the tubing are tucked into the metal fittings. If you decide to try it, don’t forget to allow for that before you do any cutting. You probably want to start pretty conservatively anyway in case 19" isn’t too short for your knitting style. You can always trim, but it’d be really difficult to lengthen!

As for the glue holding, I just tried pulling on the cord and it felt pretty secure, so I guess what? I decided to try yanking hard and it came out again! And here’s a bonus: the other side did as well! :grrr:

:wall: we are currently experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by :wall:

Okay, they’re back in again. :thumbsup: I had to use a nail file to sand down one end a little because it refused to fit nicely. Both sides seem to be staying when I pull, but I’m not yanking this time. I’ve decided that yanking is a bad idea.

Off to knit…

The 19" length felt so comfortable, that I decided to try trimming another inch. What the hey, right? So I’m down to 18" and it feels fine. Though there isn’t as much give in the cord as my shortest Denise (which I used as my standard simply because it was handy), I don’t feel restricted at all. :cheering: If I feel adventurous tomorrow, I might try another inch, though I don’t want to push it.