UPDATED (no longer) pre-felted pic NOW felted!

I actually felted it tonight…My first felted object woo hoooooo. It came out awsome! and is now drying on my cookie rack.

Oooh wow, that looks really pretty – the colors are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the felted pics!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I have finally felted my first purse. And am now a fiend for it.

Ok, the plastic bag stuffing is still inside. But I had to bring it to work to show everyone. Before they even saw the end result I had 2 orders, I now have 5. WOW.

Since it’s my first attempt at felting, there is still stitch definition that can be seen, I guess I should have run it through again. But I’m gonna keep it the way it is, I kinda like it that way, and since it’s my first, I want to rember it in all it’s not fully felted glory. :oops:

pretty! what is the yarn? I love the color combination.

I got the yarn on ebay. And it was beautiful!!!

I am definately going to buy from this woman again. I got 4 skeins for about 15.90, including shipping. She’s got a web store www.theflyingewe.com

Also, just and FYI, she had some of the most amazing customer service I’ve ever encountered on ebay. I just love this woman. The yarn was amazing, and I would like to recommend her.


That’s beautiful! What’s the pattern?

Here it is. It’s called the Sophia bag, from Black Sheep.


Oh, I love the Sophie bag!! I made one for my mom this past Spring. It’s so fun to knit. Yours looks fabulous!

It’s lovely :cheering: