UPDATED -- found some! pattern for toddler fruit hats?

Hi everyone. I know I’ve seen patterns for cute toddler hats that look like fruits, especially strawberries. Now I can’t find one I like. I found one on the HGTV web site, but they don’t give much detail about the leaves and stem part. Does anyone know of a source, even if it isn’t free? Other fruits, veggies or melons would work, too. I think I’ve seen cute watermelon hats.



My fav is THIS ONE.

Hey, I found exactly what I was looking for: http://www.crochet-knit.com/item_290.html . Thought I’d share, 'cause they’re so cute.

Kelly, thanks for the links, too. Also, I :heart: Howie.

I love these, but I’m scared to try the dpn’s. :shock:

I know ya do!

Did I post a pic of him on this thread that Im not seeing right now? :thinking:

This one is free too:


Thanks. They’re all so cute. I’m still scared of the dpn’s. Guess I need to get over that. :thinking:

And, no Kelly, you didn’t post a photo of Howie in this thread. I just can’t pass up an opportunity to say what a cutie he is. :lol: Maybe I’ll get over it when I have my own doggie to love.

I am scared of DPNs too…and I was equally scared of using the two-circulars method too…but you know what?? I took the plunge and learned how to do it, and it was sooooo much easier than I thought it would be. I was amazed. If it were not for KH I never would have gotten up the courage. :smiley:

Seriously…watch Amy’s video on the 2-circ method…it’s not as scary as it seems!!