Updated:Dog with cloudy portion of his eye

My Bentley, a 6 year old lab right eye has a half moon shaped cloudiness toward the bottom . I honestly don’t know exactly when it started but I am fairly certain he didn’t have it yesterday. Why do I always notice these thing after the vet is closed for the day? Should I be concerned? I will definitely be calling the vet tomorrow but right now I am just worried. Of course I looked online and am totally freaked out by all the information I got when I typed in cloudy eye in dogs. Has anyone else dealt with anything like this? Thanks for reading.

It doesn’t sound like an emergency, but I would call the vet tomorrow … unless there is bleeding or pain of course.

Are you sure it wasn’t there? It almost sounds like a cataract of some sort. :think:

I was just going to suggest the same thing. He might have a cataract forming. My mom’s dog has got cataracts, but he’s much older.

Hi Holly

If the ‘cloudy’ bit is grey, it could be the ‘third’ eyelid or the Haw showing - is it coming from the inner bottom corner?

Please do call your vet as soon as possible - the eyelid showing could be a cause for concern and due to a variety of conditions. If your dog seems lethargic and not ‘himself’ just let him rest and sleep and make sure he has plenty of fluid.

Do a Google search - ‘third eyelid dogs’ and you should be able to get more info.

Please let me know how you get on.

Best Wishes


sorry but it could be a cataract
my sons dog has it and he has lost the sight in the one eye
but do see a vet

A cataract sounds likely. See the vet as soon as you can.

Thanks for all of your replies:hug:!! We have an appointment this afternoon at 3:50. I am really hoping it is an infection of some sort but am being realistic. He just had a checkup 2 weeks ago and I keep thinking if he had cataracts they would have shown up. Keeping my fingers crossed!!! My first dog went blind due to cataracts.

i am a little late to this thread, but the most likely cause is an ulcer, which can show up as a cloudy spot on the cornea of the eye - cataracts usually cover the whole colored portion of the eye - let us know how it goes!

Hi! Just got back from the vet. Bentley apparently scratched his eye and the cloudiness is due his healing. I have to give him eye drops for the next ten days. Thanks again for all of your concern and posts!!

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I’m glad he’s okay!

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