UPDATE! Puppy has a name

This is my new little girl. She is a Yorkie. I was told she will turn to a much lighter color,maybe blonde. I would like some help picking out her name.
Along with a new name ‘Tera’ she also has a new co-owner. My DGD, Sophia. I have added another picture of them together on here also.

How about FUDGE 'cause she’s so sweet…!
Or TINY 'cause she’s so small…
Or HONEY 'cause she is…
Or EVE 'cause she’s the first…
Or SNUGGLES 'cause she will…:heart:
:knitting: [/COLOR]

How about Honey? It would go with the color and you would always be able to say “Honey, I’m home”.:slight_smile:

:heart::heart: HOW CUTE!!!

The first thing that came to mind for a name for her is…Cupcake! :teehee:

I’m in love. She is just gorgeous!

Fudge is a cute name.

She looks like a Sophie to me.

No matter what I named her, I’d probably call her Sweat Pea a lot.

I had a yorkie for 15 years her name was Lilly.
She is beautiful they are great dogs.

[COLOR=blue]Yes, Sophie is a cute name. I don’t think my daughter would like me to name her that, that is my DGD’s name.[/COLOR][COLOR=blue] Of course you didn’t know that though :slight_smile: [/COLOR]

AWWWWWWW!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I can’t think of anything myself but I like the ‘Honey’ suggestions :mrgreen:


Awwww!!! :inlove:

Bella or Cupcake are my favorites!

And I think maybe she needs to be wearing this!!!

I think I would always end up calling her Sweetie or Sweetie Pie, no matter what her name was if she was mine. She is too cute!

[COLOR=blue]Yes, very sweet dog dress. I will have to make her one :wink: [/COLOR]

What a cute little fur baby! :heart:

I like Bella, but here are some others…


Oh, I could go on and on…

Please let us know what you decide!

Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwww! I think she looks like a Ginger, or like my Shih Tzu: Cricket. Both would fit her.

Remember to spay and don’t add to the pet overpopulation :wink: Give her a kissy on the nose for me, if I were there I would!

[COLOR=blue] Thanks, I have a male yorky also. He is 5 years old. I have also had king charles cavalier spaniels. I always have them spayed or neutered. Thanks for the help though. My last cavalier’s name was Ginger. She died of diabetes last year.[/COLOR]

We have our 3rd yorkie who is a male and his name is Pepper. Our previous yorkies names were Dusty and Dusty Dickens (he was nemed for the 1st yorkie). Anyway, their 2nd names/nicknames were Sweet Pea. We have a couple of extra nicknames for our current yorkie - Baby Doll and Doll Baby. Give her a hug and a kiss from another yorkie lover. They are terrific dogs! Can’t imagine life without one.

BTW, The only thing cuter than a yorkie is ANOTHER yorkie.

:teehee: I do think they are very sweet and loving dogs, also [U]one[/U] of the cutiest I’ve had. I also thought my Cavalier’s were cute. I just love small dog’s.

How about:
Elinor (or ellie for short)

Can you tell I’m an Austen fan? I’ve named all of my animals after literary charcters or Authors:

AWWWW, isn’t she precious! I like Bella, Mia and Sweet Pea! I would love to get my DGD one of these. I’ll just bet she is always getting cuddled…what a sugar baby!