Unwanted increases magic loop meyhod

Doing the magic loop for the first time. And noticing with every round I seem to be gaining a stitch. What could I be doing wrong? I don’t see the holes that would normally show up with a yarnover so I don’t think that’s it…but don’t know how each round is getting an extra stitch. Any ideas?

Can you tell where the extra stitch is? I sometimes have the yarn over the needle at the end of the stitches where the cable loops, mostly it happens when I’m using sock yarn and seeing the extra stitch can be difficult.

I’m assuming since you’re using magic loop that you’re knitting a fairly small diameter, so would it be possible to tink back one whole row to see where you might have added an extra stitch? Sometimes undoing what you did (slowly so you don’t make another mistake) can help.

If you’re not doing a yarn over, the only other thing I can think of is that you may have accidentally picked up a stitch [U]between[/U] stitches. I sometimes snag the row below when I set my work down or even when I’m pulling yarn through the stitches. This usually pulls the yarn up and the rows below are not even. Do you see anything unusual like that?

Sorry you’re having problems with this. Stick with it. Eventually, you’ll be magic looping with your eyes closed!

Sometimes when you’re doing magic loop the tip of a needle can dip under at the joins and pick up a stitch. It’s usually just the top thread from between stitches. If you come across what looks like a YO, but you don’t have any then just slip the needle back under and move on. Once you are of aware of it and get more practice it won’t be a problem. Only happens to me occasionally.

Yeah, what they said up there. I sometimes will catch the leg of a stitch in the row below too. I’m not sure which method I used for an inadvertent increase the other day but it was a few stitches from the end of the needle and I couldn’t find it for the longest time. I was so ready to get rid of it I didn’t take time to try to figure out what I’d done.

Well, I did a round extra slowly paying super close attention. Found where part of the extra stitches are coming from…at the end of the …what would you call it, half a round? I had the cable under my yarn causing it to loop around. Fixed that problem at least. This is basically a learning project for my own use anyway, fingerless mitt. So while I’d love for it to end up perfect, I also know there’s bound to be mistakes while I’m learning :slight_smile: I’ll do a couple more rounds and see if I’ve finally stopped gaining stitches. Thanks all.

:thumbsup: I’m glad you figured that out! I don’t know how many endless spirals I’ve knitted doing socks and sweaters and hats but I do know I still count stitches to make sure it’s coming out right. It’s easier with ribbing. If I’m up or down a stitch at the loop (yeah, what do we call it? The more or less half-way point?) it’s obvious. If after a couple of rounds you’re not doing it anymore you’re a much better knitter than I am. You probably are anyhow.

My problem when doing magic loop for the first time was figuring out where to position the working yarn. They don’t show you this in any of the magic loop videos. I was getting an unwanted yarn over when switching needles. I was placing my yarn behind both needles like you would for straight knitting. Your yarn needs to be coming from inside the tube. Every time I switch needles, if my yarn is BETWEEN the front and back needles then I know I’m doing it right.