Untangling yarn

Guys, I think I’ve cracked it!

Get hold of one end, look at the point where it enters the tangled mess and at the same time give it a gentle tug. Use a needle to pull it out through a couple of layers of yarn or so at a time.

Repeat a thousand times until done. Make sure that you keep yarn untangled at the other end. Work on a big sofa or bed without any distructions such as husbands, pets, and kids around.


My theory is that since the cats made that tangle in the first time that eventually they will untangle it. Sort of like if you take a million monkeys and give them keyboards the probability of them eventually writing Shakespeare will eventually happen. Or something like that. The cats have a small basket of yarn (that they stole from me) that is theirs, and I am amazed at how well they can spread that tangled mess.

:chair: at both of you. Knitncook, my cat loves to try to steal my yarn as I’m winding it into a ball. Anyway, my top-secret method to untangling yarn is to pass it off to my dad. I recently had the biggest, messiest ball of yarn vomit I’d ever laid eyes on and I was just about to the point where I was just going to cry my eyes out as I threw it away. But then Super Dad came over and in about 30 minutes he had it untangled and in a nice, neat ball for me. I’ll ask if he’ll hire out his services. :wink:

In 30 minutes! That’s amazing.

Tell us his secret.

He could make a tidy income doing that!

In 30 minutes! That’s amazing.

Tell us his secret.

I wish I knew. Then I wouldn’t have to wait for a visit before I could use my yarn. :frowning:

I love untangling yarn, knots, necklaces… One of my coworkers turned around the other day and held out her pompom scarf that made a continuous circle around her neck and said “Help. You’re good at this. Untangle me please!” Funny thing is I’ve never discussed my love or talent for knots before. Somehow she just knew :wink:

you’re all so cheery about untangling yarn it almost makes me want to tackle the 500 yd ball of sock yarn the puppy dragged down through the living room and down the hallway the other morning when I rolled back over rather than taking her out for a walk…

But then Super Dad came over and in about 30 minutes he had it untangled and in a nice, neat ball for me.

Its very simple, he is related to me genetically, I love untangling yarn. and it does not take nearly as long as I think it will. One of my LYS actually will ball up yarn for people for something like $1 a ball (sometimes less) for people who cannot deal with hanks, and sha has been known to take a tangled mess and untangle it for a few favored customers (quite a few at that, she is GREAT like that) and I help her with that whenever I walk in the door.

heck you all know I lovepuzzles and knots, let me finish this post


I’ve noticed with most tangled messes of yarn I’ve attacked, there are few actual knots. That is, it is mostly long loops that have been wrapped around other long loops. You actually knot the yarn when you pull only one leg of the long loop all the way through. Of course, if that tangled mess was made by a cat, I can’t say that this applies (I don’t have pets).

I think Im lucky that my cats don’t seem to have any interest in my yarn or needles. They don’t attack the strand as I’m knitting, they don’t go after the balls and they don’t make off with my needles and hide them. So unfortunately I guess that means I can only blame myself for tangled messes that I end with every so often.

I think untangling yarn must be my super power. I’ve done it forever, since I was a kid. It’s a calming, meditative experience for me. I dunno. Knots are just stringy puzzles. :slight_smile: