Untangling a yummy find of eyelash yarn-HELP

Hi new here but I purchased a RAD bad of a deep purple eyelash yarn and the sad part is its all tangled up(got it in the bargin room of my LYS).

SO I have about 3 little individual balls that somehow form this total tangled mess in the the middle. And I oh so want to make a lusious scarf for myself out of it HEHEHE.

Any suggestions for untangling would be greatly appreciated.

~Carla :XX:

Patience and determination. That’s all I can offer.
But good luck! And welcome to Knitting Help! :slight_smile:

A crochet hook comes in handy for pulling apart some yarn messes. You can use it to gently pull at the eyelash portion and free it from the rest of the tangle. Then you can see better where the yarn is coming and going. I often use a crochet hook to gently pull out knots and such too.

and don’t hurry! the base of that eyelash yarn is so thin that if you hurry you could end up with impossibly tight knots!

Umm…well… good luck wth that :shock: