If I have a thrift store sweater to unravel should I wash it before I unravel it or should I wash the yarn after?

Assuming it’s clean, I would wait to wash until it’s unravelled. Once you have the tyarn unravelled, wind it into hanks and let them soak in some tepid water and woolite for a bit (don’t swish it around, especially if it’s wool!). Then hang them up to dry, and put a can or a weight on the bottom loop: this will help get rid of the kinkiness.

I believe thrift stores are required to wash all washables that are donated, so it should already be clean.

as suzeeq said they should already be clean but i think it depends on the sweater.

i’ve taken a few apart recently and the cotton ones i’ll wait until after i use them to wash whatever i knit up, and wool ones that i’ve gotten i have dyed right away so i waited until i wash after the dyeing.

aaand if i wasn’t going to dye them i would still unravel first anyway.

ok thanks ya’ll!