Unraveling ugly sweaters!

I found this link where the author explains how to unravel an ugly sweater and salvage it to make something pretty :inlove:

This is such a great idea, that I had to share it. Oh, and at the bottom there’s a link to see how to wrap a skein of yarn for those of us who are skein-wrapping-challenged (i.e. myself).

Let’s hit the thrift shops!!!

I don’t get what a “bad seam” is. I wish she had a picture of that :frowning: Other wise yay!!! I’ve heard of doing this before, but didn’t know exctally how. :thumbsup:

I did a whole thread on this at this link


How about a tutorial on how to unwrap a skein? I seem to always make a big mess out of the unwrapping the skein part, especially if it is a fuzzy type of yarn. It takes me forever to get it into something that I can wrap into a ball of yarn. Yikes! I have two right now that I am afraid to tackle because they are already getting all messed up! Grrrr. :evil:

Hmmmm pictures aren’t showing up on my livejournal. Let’s see if this works


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AAAAAAhhhh that’s not what I wanted to happen. Let’s try that agian.

OK now if you go here http://www.livejournal.com/users/ejgr/ then you will see the pictures. Don’t know why they weren’t showing up before :??

There was a knitty gritty epi on this as well. If you search on the diynetwork.com website I’m sure you can find it.

There’s a pic I think about halfway down of a bad seam. It’s basically just what a manufactured seam looks like, where the stitch completely covers the edge of the fabric. Anyway, I didn’t realize they already had threads in here about this. Just thought it might be helpful for newcomers (myself included) who weren’t around for that post.