Unknitting on circular needles?

Help! I’m knitting a project on circular needles. The pattern is K2P2. A few rows ago, somehow I either picked up or dropped a stitch, and now the pattern is totally off. How do I rip back a few rows on circular needles?? Can I? Can I knit it off backwards? I’m not sure exactly how to do that. TIA.

:?? I think you can just “unknit” the stitches … I don’t know that I would try and take it off the needs … hope this helps

yeah even though it might take a while if it is a few rows back, i am more inclined to tink ribbing than to try to rip back because i can never get the stitches situated on the needles right. just take each stitch one at a time and see where it is placed and you will be able to do it. time consuming but easier in my opinion.

good luck!

Thanks for the fast replies. Unfortunately, I’m not too sure how to unknit or knit backwards. Hm, I guess I’m going to try to learn! :wall:

Yes, you definatly wouldn’t want to take it off of the needles, that would be horrible. I would just unknit it and be careful from now on.

follow the yarn…look to see where your yarn is and stick the needle in there from the appropriate direction…i was trying to take a picture of it in the work i am doing right now but it was impossible to see clearly…sorry.

I thought tinking and ripping were the same thing. So, um,
what’s the definition of each?

look at the word tink … :wink: it is knit backwards. ripping i think most people just consider the same as frogging or just taking out your needles and pulling out the work.

This may not be practical for you specific situation, but have you considered using a crochet hook to correct the problem vertically? You would knit the knit stitches from the front and knit the purl stitches from the back.

For example, look at each stitch that’s incorrect going down. You would stick the crochet hook into the last stitch however many rows down that’s the correct orientation. Then you’d drop the corresponding stitch off the knitting needle and let it ravel down to the crochet hook. Then you’d use the crochet hook to “knit” up the ladder that was created and put the last stitch back on the knitting needle.

That’s how I’d fix it in that situation.

would you really? that is almost always my first thought when i am fixing because i find it easier and less time consuming but you would have to do it for every line of stitches down until it is fixed wouldn’t you? well …hmm…yeah i am not sure which would take less time actually…the crochet hook fix does take a leap of faith that it will be okay but it really is super easy so that might actually be faster in the end…less tedious anyway! :wink:

Try the crochet hook technique first. Don’t worry if the fixed stitches look tight or loose or otherwise wonky; they’ll even out when you block the piece.
(There’s a how-to video on this site; look under “Basic Techniques.”)

If it doesn’t work for you, you can always go on to tinking, which will definitely take longer and be a bigger pain.

You could always take my dangerous slightly-less-tedious cheater’s way: find the beginning of a good round, use a tapestry needle to run a lifeline through one leg of every stitch in the round, and then rip- carefully. :wink:

I suggested the crochet hook because it’s a 2x2 rib, so it’s possible that only every third stitch (or so) is off, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to fix “every” stitch, just the ones that are off. It may also be helpful to know the number of stitches we’re talking about.

I thought of the lifeline, too, but I know I would hate to lose finished rows if I could fix it with the crochet hook.

I learned this from Amy’s videos actually: knit to the stitch with the messed up stitch directly below it, then drop that stitch off of the needle and run it down to the messed up stitch. Take a crochet hook and insert it into the stitch, pick up the stitch above it, and pull it thru. Do this until you reach back to your needles! :cheering: It may take a minute, but its alot easier and less time consuming than knitting back all the way to where you messed up! :cheering: good luck and happy knitting!! :muah: :muah: xxx :clink:

thanks so much for these ideas. The crochet hook idea is great.

Here’s what has happened. I did unknit about 3 rows - we’re talking about 170 stitches on each round! So, guess what? I started knitting again and it still doesn’t look right, but now I just can’t figure out why. I’m not that far into it, so I think I’m going to bail and start over. I’m bummed, but I want it to look good, kwim?