Unger yarn ?


I Usually make a certain blanket using Unger Roly sport yarn.
I am having problems finding that yarn anymore. I need one and 3/4 ounces of 50 g each.
It used to be 50 g balls of superbebe pingouin - light weight yarn . But I ended up using Roly Sport yarn 1 3/4 ozs. 50 g.
Could anyone help me find some kind of yarn that resembles this one so I can make the same blanket. Thank you so much


What is the blanket pattern that you’re using and what gauge does it call for?

The Unger yarn is described as something between sport and light worsted weight while the Pingouin is a fingering. Knowing the pattern gauge or your gauge will help us figure out the weight yarn to recommend. You could try yarnsub.com although the yarns may have been discontinued too long ago.


50 g.
I used 6 skeins roly sport - 1 3/4 ozs
before when making this baby blanket

Does this help ?


Good, but I’m really wondering more about the stitches per inch that you were getting or how many yards per 50gm ball. Do you know what needle size you used?


Gosh I wish I had kept that part of the directions. It is a crochet pattern and I use a size F hook



Maybe a light worsted weight. You could visit a craft store or your local yarn store and get an idea about the difference in the yarn weights and that may help you decide which to use.

I’ve used Berocco Comfort DK which is acrylic and machine washable. There’s also Cascade Sunseeker and Sirdar Snuggly DK in the acrylics.


Not knowing how much to buy bothers me , I’m afraid I would run out !!!


Do you have a local yarn store? They are the best bet for figuring out the yarn quantities.
At a guess, 50 grams of DK (if that’s the yarn weight you like) would be about 120-140 yards according to this website.

Six balls as called for in your pattern would then be 720-840yds plus a couple of extra balls just in case.


Thanks :heart:


DK is ?


No I have no yarn store here


DK (double knitting weight) is a lighter weight than worsted. Here’s a nice chart for the different weights, needles and hook sizes.


Once I find the yarn I want to buy ,
could I pass it by you to see if I am buying enough yarn
for the pattern I am going to make?


Sadly, I’ve never made a crocheted blanket so the number in the post above is my best estimate. We do have experienced crocheters here however and they’ll probably be able to give you a better idea of yardage.


You can try E-bay I see they have some listed.


I usually ‘google’ search any question/issue/problem I have. Seriously…try that…and try this, too: Find your yarn label and get the yarn company name on it, their .com site, etc…then contact them.about your need/needs

I went through this route once…and the company sent me ‘free’ items. Wow…I was impressed!!

Good luck!!


Thanks so much !!!