Unger Roly Sport Yarn ?



I am and desire need for Unger Roly Sport Yarn
in multi colors for a baby blanket .
I understand that this yarn is no longer available. I see some on eBay but not the colors I would like to get . Could anyone help me find a place online where they still sell this yarn?
Thanks so much for your help .


Try the stashes on Ravelry. You can search within these listings by putting in the color you’re interested in.
It’s worth contacting posters even when the yarn is listed as “not for sale” since people often don’t reset this default.


You have been a lot of help to me. How much of this yarn would you say I would need to make that pattern I sent you ?.


I found some of it ! Not color I would prefer . :slight_smile:


I found other colors of Unger Roly Sport baby yarn listed on Ravelry. There it listed the yardage as 186 yards
(170 meters) for the 50 gram (1.75 oz) ball.

Your previous Six ball blanket would need one and one fourth (1.25) skeins of the Bernat yarn shown above. Five skeins would give you enough to make four blankets.

The Bernat yarn may have 11wpi compared to the Unger 12wpi so they sound be very close in stitch guage.


Thanks so much !