Unfinished Baby Sweater-WWYD?

I’m cleaning out my knitting boxes, baskets and bags. I already frogged my pinwheel sweater because after a year, I knew I’d never finish it. I found a baby sweater that I was knitting as a gift for a friend and never finished. The baby is way too big for it now. (Yeah, I said it’s been a while!) It’s all finished except seaming which I hate. I’m having a dilemma on what to do with it. I could finish it and give it to someone, if I knew someone with a baby that size, but I don’t. I could rip it out, but it’s such small pieces (sleeves, front 2 sides, back, hood) that the yarn would be useless. It’s Bernat Baby Coordinates and I’m not a big fan of that yarn anymore. I think I got myself worn out on it. I just don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to finish it and I don’t want to rip it. What would you do?


Maybe you can finish it and give it to a Children’s Hospital or a Neo-Natal department at your local hospital. Better do it before February 10th though :wink: (see thread about hand crafted items in Off Topic)

If it were me, I’d grit my teeth and seam it on up. You’ve already put a lot of work into it and sooner or later someone you know is bound to get pregnant:teehee: This way, you’ll have your handknit gift all ready and can sit back and enjoy all the oohhs and ahhhs at the baby shower.

Fold it back up and when the next baby comes along you have a prepared gift. you can finish it then. If the yarn is going to be useless and you’ve put all that hard work into making it, why frog?

I agree with Evona I would finish it out and donate it to that or some one else that might need it. There’s LOTS of places you can donate to just find one in your area that you think would want something like that the most.

Finish it!

I’ve managed to make a million baby things for my sister &&others

I’m due in may, &&i keep starting projects, getting halfway through… &&just losing the motivation

SOMEBODY will appreciate it!

I’m with everybody else. Finish the seaming and donate it to a charity like children in need or a womens shelter in your local area.

I also vote for finishing it. Even if you do nothing with it, you can at least be content knowing you finished it :teehee: I’m sure, at some point, you’ll be glad you have a baby item ready to give!

Okay…I’ll bite the bullet and get 'r done! I lost the buttons I bought for it too. I’ll have to find some more. Ah well. Someone will like it I’m sure. I have a blanket to send off to Linus so I’ll see if they’d like this too.


Sorry to say … but I would throw it away. I have done that before, because I know myself well enough that I would never finish it.