Uneven sts ...Stockinette

I am knitting a sweater and the arms call for Stockinette sts. My sts look uneven in places. I knit using the Continental Method. How do I correct this?

If you’re knitting flat, you may purl looser or tighter than you knit. You can use a different size needle for the purl rows, or hold your yarn differently for them. A lot of it evens out in washing or blocking the finished item too.

I find that a good tension helps with even stitches. How do you “string up” your yarn on your hand…? maybe wrap around your pinky once more?
I weave between pinky and ring finger, ring finger and middle finger, middle finger to index finger to hold up the yarn. Sometimes twice around the index finger. The less tension I have the more I have to pay attention to even stitches.

A lot you can still fix by plucking at the stitches with the tip of a needle after finishing.

And: by practice most people - but not all - get more even.

Does it look like this? This isn’t uncommon. She gives hints to help with it.

Wow…what a great forum!:muah:
Thanks to everyone…all have great advice.
As you can tell I am a beginner to knitting but determined to learn all I can. This is my 3rd sweater. I have been knitting about 5 months.
the pattern is : Creative Knitting Magazine - Jan 2009- page 16- Easy Basket-Weave Cardigan. the sleeves are worked in St sts.
Jan …thank heavens the sts do not look as bad as the ones on the link you offered, but in places you sure can tell something is not right. That site had great info. Think I will see if I can adjust my tension first and go from there.
Thanks so much everyone for all the help!!!