Uneven ribbing

I’m doing my first project which requires extensive amounts of ribbing with a flat yarn, single color yarn (meaning the stitches in the ribbing clearly show) - it is also my first project using cotton yarn.

After working with it last night, I noticed that the stitches in my ribbing look really uneven - what is causing this? Can I assume this means I purl at a different tension than I knit? Any ideas on how to remedy this?? :thinking:


Its hard to say without seeing it, but I’m guessing it’s your tension. Cotton is finicky when it comes to tension since it doesn’t have as much spring as wool. So uneven tension will be that much more noticable. :doh:

However, the good news is, a machine wash and dry (or handwash and machine dry) does wonders to even things out. Don’t stress too much now. Just knit along as you’ve been knitting and when you’re all finished, launder it. :thumbsup:

I give an extra little tug when doing ribbing, that seems to help some.

Also…I “THINK” I heard that if you wrap your yarn the opposite direction on the K stitch, it is supposed to even things up some? Anybody??? I know I heard it on the tkga forum

thanks for the advice - what is tkga??


I learned after knitting my first sock that cotton doesn’t rib well at all, and one piece of advice I found was to go down a couple of needle sizes when trying to do a rib in cotton. So that’s one way to deal with cotton ribbing, anyway.