Uneven purse handles

Hi there, I’m new to knitting, in fact I’m just about to finish my first project. I’ve done a stripey bag, and I finished doing the straps - 130 rows of stockinette (12 cast-on stitches). When I finished them and set them out to attach to the bag, i found they are two different lengths. I’ve counted them both out (twice) and they both have 130 rows. One is about 10 rows long. Should I rip out the extra length in the one? After the bag is assembled I’m going to felt it. Also, after completing the first one I noticed my edges were messy (just on one side), on the second strap I slipped the first stitches, and that’s the one that ended up shorter. That probably has something to do with it, but can the problem be corrected without having to knit a whole new strap?


Let me give you some advice on felting bags. I started felting my bags/purses because I hate sewing liners togethor for knitted ones. I’ve felted 2 and the handles on my bag grew drastically. One thing that i’ve learned is to attach the handle(s) on the bag BEFORE felting. If you do that, then they won’t grow drastically like I said but if you felt the straps alone (to attach later) then it will grow about 6 inches. That’s what happened to me.

[B]I always make 1 long strap [/B]because I have no idea how the felting will react to 2 of them. One might be smaller than the other etc… Don’t worry about messy edges the felting makes everything look the same.

If you want the 2 handles the same then I would rip it out until they are.

thanks a lot! I went with the one strap (attached it before felting), and it turned out great. Thanks for your help!