Uneven armholes?

I am knitting a toddlers cardigan and the back went fine. However the pattern instructs me to start the armhole shaping earlier on the fronts but to make the actual armhole the same length as the back. I have never come across this before, is the pattern wrong or will it all work out.

That sounds unusual. Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

It’s a pattern from a friend I photocopied about 5 years ago. Its from love knitting and it’s called striped cardigan. Its knitted completely in garter stitch and fits 6 months to 2 years. I wonder if it’s a misprint but both the imperial and metric measurements are different. The back says work till 14cm or 5 1/2" and then shape armholes and the fronts say 12cm or 4 3/4 ". Then you continue until both armholes measure 13cm and shape shoulders.

Maybe this is the pattern? If not is there a designer name on your pattern?

It doesn’t look like the back and fronts should be any different.

Nope, not this one. I couldn’t find it on the internet anywhere. No designer name either. I’ve knitted the back and one front so I might knit one sleeves next and see if it fits together.

Just a suggestion (and you’ve probably already checked this) but could it be that there are different sizes maybe and that’s why the sizing for armholes appears to be different? As it’s for such a wide age range it was just a thought. Other than that I would think it’s a mistake in the pattern.

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Yes, I’ve checked and double checked the sizes. I am making the largest size so its easy as I’m following the last set of measurements on each instruction.
I think its a pattern error, so I think I’ll have to unpick the front and redo to make it the same as back, what a pain! The pattern is a stripe that changes colour every three rows and I sewed in all the ends as I went. Also I was using up a lot of odd balls so I may not have enough left to match front and back stripes.

Ugh, so annoying! I’ve almost never seen armholes knit to different lengths so I’d say you’re right about the pattern error. Perhaps above the armhole bind off you won’t have to worry so much about matching stripes? Anyway, we’d love to see a photo when you finish.

Thanks, I’ll try and post a photo. Good point about not having to match after armhole, I hadn’t thought of that.

Poor you :unamused: Don’t you just hate it when that happens. Fingers crossed you manage to sort it out. Look forward to seeing the result :slightly_smiling_face:

Many cardigans and sweaters are made hi-low, is there anything in the seaming instructions that would lean toward that? Where it says to either start seaming at the underarms and work down to the end of the front side specifically? For babies and again starting at tweens sizes it compensates for butt shape (diapers in this case) to help it look more even instead of being hitched up in the back where it hits the diaper.