Undo-ing Ribbed stitches.. help!

So I’m pretty new to knitting, and I’m working on a ribbed scarf right now (knit one, purl one). But I realized that I messed it up somewhere and I’m trying to undo a few rows to get back to where it’s all right… How do I do this? Thanks!

You may not need to rip that far back if it’s only a stitch or two that needs correcting. Take a look at the “Correcting a stitch without unravelling” video on the Knitting Tips tab of Free Videos. If you do have to rip that far back, watch the video on inserting a lifeline on the same page. Between those two videos I have saved countless hours of work…

Good luck whichever path you decide is best to fix your scarf!

I agree with JPC. For one or two sts, not too far down in the pattern, you can work to the st, then slip the st off the needle and let it ladder down to the error. Repair the error as a knit st, so if you have to turn the work around to get to the knit part of the rib, do that. It’s easier.
If it’s more than one or two sts, take the work off the needles and rip back to a row or even two before the mistake. Then put the scarf back onto the needle one st at a time as you pull the working yarn out of each st. Don’t worry too much about whether the st is twisted, you can always correct the twist as you re-knit the sts.