Understanding the "stash"

I need a particular yarn by Yarn Bee and I found it on the stash page at Ravelry. But most of them said not for sale. Now why are they listed there if they are not for sale? I haven’t been around Ravelry very much, so I have no idea.

I did send off an email for one person with stash but I doubt I get a reply.

The yarn is Riot Eyelash Sea View, if anybody know of any.

Pauline :slight_smile:

“stash” is just for showing off/boasting… most aren’t for sale. to find the ones people are willing to part with, you need to click the “Will trade or sell” box in the upper left corner. http://www.ravelry.com/stash/search#query=yarn%20bee%20riot%20eyelash&photo=yes&sort=added&view=thumbs&stash-status=trade shows what comes up if i click that box and put ‘yarn bee riot eyelash’ in the search box. only one seaview for sale, from ‘sensistar’ in michigan (http://www.ravelry.com/people/sensistar/stash/riot-eyelash). good luck! :wink:

Thanks for clearing that up. That’s the one I sent inquiry to. We’ll see. This happens when you put your knitting down for a few years and go back to it! :nails:

Most of Ravelry is more than I can do. I use the library to save patterns, I look at patterns, there are a few forums and sites I look at, that’s about it.

If your stash is in there you can also mark it as used if you use it for a project. Helps to keep track of what you have available. It’s also great if you need something or want to destash. I started putting mine in and gave up. Too much work. :teehee:

I suppose some people might use it for bragging rights, but that’s kind of silly since the audience is limited. More likely for my previous points.

I have all my stash listed (yes, all, it’s easier when you do it from the beginning!) for a few of reasons.

It helps me tie yarn to a project easily, which then let’s me go back to see how I’m supposed to wash something if I need to, for example. I’m never going to remember just exactly what yarn it was I made it from to look it up in the database later.

It’s a far easier way to browse through my yarn to “shop” for a project than pulling it all out is.

I can keep track of what I paid for stuff for tax purposes. (Designing and charity work.)

I can see what yarn I have just sitting around that doesn’t have an assigned project as yet. And just how much of it I have so I can go pick out a project.

I have semi-precise yardage numbers on what’s left of all my yarn that I’ve used. Which makes it possible assign it to a pattern that needs a stripe or contrasting ribbing or something.

And mostly, to remind me that I have 150+ different yarns (yarns, not skeins) in my stash right now, so - no - I’m still not allowed to go buy anymore. :wink:

Oh - and I have people approach me all the time about buying yarn I don’t have marked as being for sale. If someone has just one random skein of it and they have a large stash in general, they might be willing to sell or trade, even if it isn’t marked that way. I rarely go through to change that on my stash since you have to go into each individual yarn to do it, and that is so tedious.

This is good that you keep up with everything you have and try to keep it current.

Problem is, I think some of the listing are very old and maybe even forgotten like a lot of old links and webpages out there.

i.e. The lady I asked about the yarn may not have checked into her stash page for years. :hmm: