Understanding gaps in knitting charts

I’m doing my first stranded color work project and my first chart only project. The pattern is free from Purl Soho, Celestial Mittens. I am doing the smaller size, where you start with 42 stitches. I am working the first row of the right hand chart and I’m at the 32nd stitch and there is just a gap from that stitch to the 41st stitch. What am I supposed to do for those 8 stitches? Do I just start at the 41st stitch?

And this chart is for two sizes (so it displays more stitches than I will ever have for my project), what do I do for my smaller size - just move to the chart of the next row when I hit my beg-of-row marker?


You’ve shown the chart for the Adult size which starts at 56sts rather than the chart for the Child size (42sts). If you want the smaller size, click on the chart for Child size from the main pattern page.

For either size, the gap in the chart is a place holder for sts that will be added as you work the first 6 rounds (note the MR in the chart near this gap). There are no stitches on the needle yet for this gap so skip over the gap from stitch 18 to 25 while working the chart on round one and continue skipping the gap in subsequent rounds.