Understanding chart


Please can anyone explain this chart for me in lemans terms?
I’ve tried knitting every row and then where the pattern says knitting one below but it looks nothing like the knit in the picture?
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Are you putting your needle into the opening of the stitch below, pulling up a loop and dropping both the current stitch on the left needle and the stitch below off the needle?

That dropped stitch from the row below will give you the diagonal lines that you see in the pattern.

Are you knitting flat or in the round?

That’s funny - I recently swatched for a different Lana Grossa pattern that uses that same chart and stitch pattern.


I did not get a good result with the recommended yarn and needle size. Knitting into the row below hardly created any texture, and my swatch just looked like stocking stitch on the front (you could see a slight difference on the back).

My tension was very off though, so I put it aside and plan to try it again. But I’m not sure whether getting the right tension will solve the problem.

I am tempted to use another stitch patterns that looks similar to the picture (there are a few).

Did you get correct tension and are you using the same or similar yarn to the original?

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That’s interesting, kushami. This stitch pattern is similar to the knit one below used in fisherman’s rib only offset rather than aligned in columns. It would be good to see what you are getting and what the original poster is getting in the swatch or sweater.

ETA I tried the stitch and it looks a bit more like the Lana Grossa Elastico jacket than the original pullover in Cool Wool. Texture but not the diagonal lines I expected. Hmmm.

@OffJumpsJack, as ever, has hit the nail on the head (so helpful when building a deck or answering knitting questions).
The difference is in how you work the 4th and 6th rows in the chart. If you purl those rows flat or knit them in the round, you get the pattern I posted above. If you knit those rows flat or purl them in the round you get the pattern in the Cool Wool sweater that @Suzeknits originally posted.

(not the neatest knitting but when stretched it works)
Knit flat.