Understanding a vest pattern

Hi all…im new to knitting…havent really done much projects apart from a baby cap and booties…now im making a vest for a 1 yr old…i have started with the back of the vest…im done with shaping the armholes as well…following which the pattern reads:

continuing with pattern without shaping until armholes measure 6 inches ending ws row…

ive done the above and am left with 36 stitches

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Cast off 36 stitches, placing markers to indicate back of neck at each side of centre 22 sts.[/COLOR]

i dunt get what the above line means abt placing the markers…where should i place them? help plz…

Figure out where the center 22 sts are (7 sts in from each end) and place the markers there.

does that mean i will place 2 markers on the piece on the 7th stitch from both ends?

Place the markers on the needles between the 7th and 8th sts.