Uncurling circulars

Well the title says all. I read something online about soaking in hot water and stretching then storing them on a circular hanger thing, but its not working.

Any suggestions and/different needle types?

I’ve also read about the very hot water. You could also try a hair dryer.

Addi circs don’t curl. The come out of the package ready to use, and in my opinion, well worth every penny spent for them.

i don’t think you can ever fully get rid of the curl because most circs aren’t as pliable as the addis for example. the weight of the work will take that out while you are using it but they will probably still be inclined to curl when they aren’t being forced not to.

What I have done that works pretty good is boil water and then hold them over the steam. It’s worked for me well in the past, just be careful not to burn yourself on the steam!

I’ve used a hairdryer on inexpensive circs and it works.

Careful not to melt the cord.

After the cord gets hot, grip the cord nice and tight and pull from one end to the other. you might have to work in sections, but this works for me.

The hot water treatment usually works for me most times and then I stretch them out flat while drying them with a towel. Also, have found that if using them to knit flat work, rotating the needles in a counter clockwise direction when reaching the end of a row helps keep them from recurling.

What’s the difference between addis needles and other types? How much are they?

just by mistake, and it worked so nice for me,
I was in the in a hurry and trying to run into a knitting store, and slipped my bamboo knitting needles over the rearview mirror and when I came out they were straight. and have not given me a mins problem since.
Good luck…

Addishave a different type of cord that is uber flexible. Very nice…
They run you about $17 a pair (give or take) from a LYS.

My Knitpicks Options don’t curl, either. $59.99 for the set or $3.99 to $6.99 depending on tip size and $3.99 per cable set.

So for the largest needle size, $10.98 total and you get 2 cords and 4 end buttons, which is a better value than one fixed circ.

I totally agreee. I :heart: :heart: :heart: my KP Options.