UK needle size & yarn weight?

I have a British pattern that calls for No 10 needles.

Since this is a British pattern, should I assume that means US size 3 needles?

It also calls for “D.K.” yarn. I assume that means “Double Knitting” weight.

DK yarn on size 3 needles??? Is that right?

The gauge is supposed to be:

21 sts & 30 Rows = 10 cm

Thank you!

Maybe this will help

That sounds like a mystery to me. No 10 needles in Britain should equal size 3 needles in the US, but that does sound too small to use with a DK and size 10 needles would be too large. The gauge of 21 sts sounds right on for the weight of the yarn. I might suggest that you pick your DK yarn and then use the needle size the yarn recommends and then adjust according to the gauge if needed. -Ve

Thank you, I was hoping it wasn’t just me who thought the needle + yarn size looked odd!

I cast on to a size 7 to knit a gauge swatch and so far it looks like its gonna work out just right, though I am actually using Worsted weight yarn… I don’t have too much selection here in this town when it comes to knitting supplies. :sad:

Your welcome. Where do you live in Arizona that you don’t have much of a selection? Maybe you could open a yarn store! :slight_smile:


Here is a chart I use that has American, European, and UK needle sizes.

Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

This says that UK size 10 is a US size 3. That does seem a little small for DK yarn, but I have another chart that outlines yarn weights, general gauges, and recommended needle sizes:

Standard Yarn Weight System

Hope this helps.