Uk Knitters where do you get your supplies?

Ok the US have KnitPicks… you’re all so lucky btw.

But I’m having trouble finding a good site for the UK for knitting supplies.

Anyone got any ideas?

Have you tried the delightful eBay seller, Janette’s Rare Yarns? Nice, nice lady who sells Rowan, Jaeger, Noro and other premium brand yarns at very good prices. Also needles, beads and other goodies. I’m in the U.S. but I’ve been a customer for ages, and don’t mind paying the extra postage (which is quite reasonable).

Here’s a link to her eBay "store."

Janette is indeed wonderful :cheering:! There’s also this one:, they have some deals with free shipping for yarns by the bag. Also there’s HTH:hug:

I found a site through another thread on this forum, Get Knitted is online and they have a shop in Bristol. The site looked quite good and they have just started stocking knit picks stuff too. I haven’t tried ordering from there yet but am seriously considering doing so at the moment as I can’t find a good shop for knitting supplies near me.

Another vote for :thumbsup: … orrr find a friend who is willing to receive and send on for you …

I’m afraid I don’t know anyone in the US to do that for me.
GetKnitted seems to be the popular choice apart from ebay stores.
Thanks everyone!

I love Dream Yarns (, ebay, John Lewis and my LYS (of which there’s now two, woohoo!).

Get knitted are now supplying the UK with Knit Picks Options interchangeables, plain circs and DPNS

I highly recommend them and Jeanettes rare yarns on ebay. Also Kangaroo in Brighton are exceptional with next day delivery. Cucumberpatch is also good. I was buying from a place called Classic Yarns but have lost the contact information so I can’t buy from them atm but they were also exceptionally good with next day delivery and the pricing was very reasonable.

The price on the Options is very reasonable! It’s almost the same as in US.
It’s funny how the european KHers are awake and discussing and many of the US KHers are asleep… We take turns on the forum:happydance:. Not that Israel is considered Europe, but the time zone is still closer to the European.