Uh, oh... yarn question?

Hi, all. I’ve started a baby blanket on circular needles (being worked back and forth) and I am about halfway to the end of the first ball of yarn. I bought more of the same exact color by the same brand only to find out just now that gasp the second ball I bought is 3 ply and the stuff I started with is 4 ply.

Uh, oh!!! :shock: Do you think it would be highly noticable if I used the 3 ply even though I started with 4 ply??? Or should I continue with the same weight yarn I started with?


is it the same weight just different plies?

do you still have enough of the first ball to knit a little swatch using the first one and switch over to the second and see how it looks?

I suppose I should swatch them both together to see how they look together. Same weight (baby weight yarn) but different plies…

I just hate to think about finding the other end of that darn first ball of yarn to do a swatch with. LOL

well if you hold the two yarns together can you really tell? would the recipient be able to? (assuming they are non-knitters) i would think that it would seem fairly unlikely that they would notice if they is no weight difference.

are they the same color though? i would be more concerned about color match if they are the same color since they probably aren’t from the same dye lot. :thinking:

You could also just knit a swatch of the new yarn in the same pattern as the blanket rather than swatch with the two.

Hmmm yep they are the same exact color. They’re from the same maker and all that. In fact, I found it quite strange that the first one I got was 4 ply and the next 3 ply – they were bought at the same store. But of course now when I go look there is no more of the 4 ply??? :??

I can tell the difference, but I’m not sure if the “untrained” eye could. Hmmm… One is just a BIT thicker than the other… shrug

If you’re really around the middle of the first ball, I’d switch now, use the second one, then go back to the first so even if you can tell, it will look like you intentionally did something different at each end.

Yep, it looks like that is what I will be doing. sigh I went back to the store today to see if there was ANY 4 ply at all and there wasn’t. So I think I will switch now to the 3 ply and knit with two strands held together then go back to the 4 ply at the end. :slight_smile: