Uh-oh i need a bag

my yarn stash is barely containable, i actually have duplicates of my neeldes, and my wife has tripped over my uncompleted projects. so it’s time to do what every knitter ends up doing…knit myself a knitting bag. the problem is i don’t think a manly man should knit himself a cute little baby soft pink mohair booga bag for his knitting supplies and while not all the bag patterns i’ve seen are this girly, they fall short of what a man can walk around in public with and not get laughed at or beaten near to death. :pray: so do any of you ladies (or guys) have a bag pattern that a macho man can use?

Hi, I actually just joined here. Anyhow, I saw this pattern that might work. It is a felted bag specifically designed with a man in mind. Hope you like :smiley:

:thinking: groovy, thank you, this bag should work. thanks again and have fun.

before you go buy the yarn for it you might want to try the beginning portion with some similar weight scrap yarn. trying to pick up stitches on a strip that narrow can be VERY difficult…and starting to knit after they are picked up even worse! :shock:

that was the first pattern I thought of too but seriously that pick up and knit is tough!

How about this felted messenger style satchel? They even found a man to model it. I think it looks nifty and may have to knit one or two for the guys on my list.

:rofling: Sorry i couldn’t help but giggle…

LOL, me, too. :wink:

There’s also a cool bag found here in the MenKnit magazine :thumbsup:

HEY! Remember that one site that was specifically for male knitters? It had a guy wearing a really hideous sweater on the home page? It looked like they had colorized it in various colors. Was that MenKnit or was it something else? :??

Hello Alan Crawford!

I was coming over to share this pattern! And my headline was going to be ATTN Male Knitters! Awesome Knit Bag! HA


It’s called the spork, use your imagination on some more manly colors. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!


This could be anotherpossibility if made in manly colors minus the bow type ties.

Thank you all for those nice satchels, now i’ve just got to get some yarn and test swatch for felting. :frog: