Uh Oh! Broken Stitch, What Do I Do?

Yikes! I have been working on a Bunny Blanket Buddy (from the Lion Brand Yarn website) using Chenille and I broke one of the stitches I was knitting into. I was almost finished! :shock:

Is there a way to fix the stitch? Or should I just undo my work before that broken stitch and join ends?

Thank You,

I htink you’re going to have to undo it. That’s why I hate working with chenille. I think it breaks more frequently than any other yarn.
Good luck.

I’ve heard of people attaching it with super-glue on the inside of their work out of desperation. But I’d never do this myself… :noway:

It would have never occurred to me to do that with this particular project. I am knitting a bunny/blanket (bunny head and arms on a blanket body) for a friend who is expecting a baby.

I already undid my work up to the broken yarn and continued on.

Thanks for that tidbit of info, I might actually use that depending on the project (not on blankets, things for babies or articles of clothing) and how against undoing my work I feel at the moment.

Thanks again

No problem ladyroto… :thumbsup:

I nearly didn’t bring it to your attention because I thought that you’d think I was a bit of a nut or something!

And now that I’ve had time to think about it, I probably would do it out of desperation myself - saves a lot of frogging time. :happydance: