Ugh. Not finding what I want

Anyone else have this problem? I know what I want to knit (a poncho), but I can’t find a pattern that screams “Knit me!” Well, I did find a couple that I really like, but I think they are a little beyond my current knitting skillz. Bleh. :verysad:

Oh I hate that! I consider myself an advanced beginner who’s a big chicken…I’m really timid about trying new knitting techniques, especially since I have little patience!

What kind of poncho do you want to knit? If you provide some more detail, I am sure someone can find a pattern for you.


How do you know they’re beyond your knitting skills unless you try, hmmmm? That’s how you develop skills–give it a shot!! You’re not doing brain surgery, it’s knitting. Try some of the techniques you’re nervous about on waste yarn if you want, and you certainly know where to come for help!

Well, if I don’t understand the pattern, then I assume it’s beyond my current skills. :roflhard: The saxon braid poncho someone posted on here was absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t understand some of it. Really what I’m looking for is something big and warm. Kinda like thisbut not exactly. I already checked all the patterns on Knitting Pattern Central. I’ll find it eventually.

Go ahead & try the saxon braid one - post here and ask for explanations of what you don’t understand. :slight_smile:

I’ve found that if I look at a pattern, I don’t understand it at all - even the simple ones!! But if I sit down and just start knitting instruction by instruction I start to understand. And when I get stuck, I ask about it here. Often times just asking my question helps me to figure it out on my own. :slight_smile:

GO FOR IT!!! :cheering:

I’m making a scarf with a saxon braid pattern and after four pattern repeats, I’m knitting it without the chart! I just figure out where the cables want to go next and put them there. Like Ingrid says, it’s not rocket science, it’s just knitting. Besides, you can ALWAYS rip it out, use it for a coaster, whatever if you don’t like it.

:zombie: Doooooo iiiiiiiiit!!!

You can do it. You won’t ever learn how to do it if you don’t try. I don’t even look at the “skill level” or anything like that. If you like the project, you should make it! :smiley: (I’m a horrible enabler!)

[color=indigo]Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for here[/color] :x:

That’s true for many patterns. Reading them sounds confusing, but if you take needles and yarn and just start following them step by step, they make sense. If there’s terminology you don’t understand, or cant’ figure out how to make a certain one, ask and everyone will be glad to help interpret it or how to do it.


Maybe you could try simplifying the design a bit by scrapping the cables and using a different stitch pattern.